Among the most common requests we receive as registered dietitians are for simple, healthful evening supper dishes that promote weight loss. We understand that nobody likes to spend hours preparing meals after a demanding day, but they also don’t want to undo all the hard work they put into their exercise regimen in an attempt to gain a flat stomach.

For this reason, we’re offering these easy supper ideas that are healthful and fit right into any meal plan for weight loss!

These four dinner recipes for weight reduction are healthy, easy to prepare, and quick to prepare. Here are some healthy supper ideas, including an easy salmon recipe, a healthy Chinese takeout food, and a healthy Mexican recipe.

Simple and delectable meal recipes to fortify your resolve!

1. Chicken Burgers with Wild Blueberries

Even though most burgers aren’t the best options if you’re trying to reduce body fat, these savory, juicy, sweet burgers are incredibly easy to make and make a terrific way to cap off a hectic day. With only 150 calories, each burger provides 27 grams of filling protein to help ward off hunger for hours, and that’s before you even add the balsamic glaze and lettuce wrap.

Wild blueberries are superfoods for weight loss because they include the phytonutrient C3G, which boosts adiponectin to improve fat burning and leptin to reduce appetite. For added fiber, antioxidants, and delight, top it off with a generous side of steaming vegetables and a whole wheat bread. Even so, you’ll enjoy a fulfilling meal for weight loss.

2. Salmon on a sheet pan with roasted vegetables

Dinner for weight reduction is as easy as tossing everything onto a sheet pan, roasting it, and enjoying a tasty, low-calorie meal. This 300-calorie one-pan meal provides nearly 30 grams of satisfying protein and nearly 8 grams of full fiber. It also doesn’t deprive you of carbohydrates because it uses slow-digesting brown rice, so an hour later you won’t be yearning sweets and energy drinks.

It’s also high in vegetables and fiber, and consuming more vegetables promotes both weight loss and hunger prevention. Lemons are a great tool to use since they contain polyphenols, which may assist to prevent obesity and reduce the buildup of body fat.

3. Chinese Broccoli and Sesame Tofu Recipe

You can prepare this healthier version of Chinese stir-fry faster than you can get your Chinese takeout, and it contains less than half the calories of standard takeout. With its potent combination of 18 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber, it has all the ingredients for the perfect amount of satisfaction. You won’t be rifling through the cabinet in search of a snack anytime soon.

This meal also has additional weight reduction benefits: study suggests that the sulforaphane in broccoli may aid in weight loss, and the soy isoflavones in tofu may help lower body fat.

4. Vegan Tacos with Avocado and Lentil

Most individuals believe that Mexican food is incredibly high in calories, but they can’t help themselves when they have a hankering. However, this dinner defies all expectations—it’s delicious and healthful, and you’ll only consume a small portion of the calories compared to the restaurant version. In less time than it takes to get to the Mexican restaurant, you can whip up this simple meal. These tacos are also vegan and low-fat, and studies have shown that a vegan diet improves body composition and aids in weight loss even more than a Mediterranean diet.

Lentils, avocado, and corn tortillas are rich in fiber and protein that stabilize blood sugar, which helps them combat cravings. Furthermore, lentils are a fantastic source of slow-digesting carbs, which even help you cut calories during your subsequent meal by keeping you feeling full and satisfied longer than other foods.

With a whooping 14 grams of fiber, these tacos are incredibly high in fiber—two grams more than the typical American receives in a day! Consuming a diet rich in fiber might help you feel fuller for longer periods of time, cut calories throughout the day, and slow down digestion.


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